Two events have had the largest impact on my life, my parents divorce and my own.  In the wake of my own divorce, I have spent countless hours searching to find the answers of what went wrong.  I realize that I cannot go back and change the past, but the next best thing I can do is to share with you all the nuggets of wisdom I have found to help you save your marriage.

You see, marriages are a struggle today largely because folks in America spend too little time thinking about their choice of life companion.  Most couples today base their decision largely on the sinking sand of sexual attraction.  Few take the time to really get to know who they decide to marry beyond the physical interests. 

Now this does not mean that if you didn't wait until marriage, you are doomed for failure.  Not at all, but what most of the marriage books out there today overlook, is the fact that the sex force is a huge factor in most marriages.  I feel too many marriage gurus are too afraid to address the subject.  Thankfully I am either not that wise, or not that scared to confront it.  I take this stance because I know that adjustment to the way a couple practices sex can be a huge element in the success of their marriage.

But I don't stop there, of course I know that you cannot have sex all the time, there is communication and the ability to see things from your spouse's perspective that must be taken into account as well.  I am well versed in the top marriage thinkers today and know how to apply their teachings to any marriage to make it better. 

Big Convenience
The cool thing about the work I do is that I meet with you via Skype or Face-time (or the telephone) so that you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the help you need. 

I also keep evening hours for folks in Eastern and Central time zones, so you may not even need to take time off of work to get your marriage back on track fast.

In addition, I work with both couples and individuals.  Even if you cannot get your spouse to attend our sessions, we can still make huge improvements in your marriage.

Big Miracles
I believe miracles occur when the light finally shines into an area of darkness to reveal the goodness that was always there but was never allowed to see the light of day.  So even if your marriage seems like there is no hope for it, I can help you save it.  The rescue of your marriage may seem like a miracle to you, but it can happen, and I can help you get your own marriage miracle. 

Want to Learn More (Free Video)?

I created this short video that could save your marriage in and of itself.  The cool thing is that it's absolutely free.  All I need is your email.  If you want to watch the video click here to check it out.